Just a few reminders for everyone…

Friday June 3 – Twilight Trail Run, Groton

Sunday June 5 – Mystic Triathlon

Anyone who can assist with radio communications for either of these two events should contact N1CLV (Wayne) via email using [his callsign]@mac.com


This weekend (June 4 – 5) is Museum Ships weekend!

More info here: http://www.nj2bb.org/museum/index.html

Field Day is also just around the corner..

RASON (N1NW) -> Giddings Park (Franklin, CT)


Tri-City ARC ->

Waterford (.97) Test DCS

Just a quick note for everyone,

The input code for the 146.97 repeater in Waterford is being changed to DCS code 023 for a week to see if this solves any of the interference issues.

I would like to encourage any operators that want to test this out to switch to the repeater after the HE net on Tuesday and Thursday.

Repeater Change and History

As we have been discussing on the air, the decision has been made to swap the two repeaters that are available to us.

Starting April 1, 2016 the Groton repeater (146.67Mhz) will be used as our primary (meaning check this one first!) and the Waterford (146.97Mhz) repeater will be used as the secondary (or backup, in case Groton has issues).

As always, it is recommended to put these two repeaters close to eachother in your radio just in case. Groton seems to have better input sensitivity (due to not having the interference issue that Waterford has), but since it has been put back online at a lower power output it can be difficult for some further away stations to hear us.

Also be sure to check out the new History page. It is a work in progress, but I wanted to make sure that the meat of it got posted before tonight’s Net.


Up and Running

[EDIT: We will be operating on 146.97 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 146.67 on Saturdays. As the spring/summer progresses we will probably operate on 67 as the primary.]

Just a few updates as we begin to squeeze into the warmer weather..

The Groton 146.67 repeater has been put back online. The HE net will run on the Groton repeater on Saturday, March 12, 2016 to see how well it is all working. Tuesday (8)  and Thursday (10) will stay on Waterford for now.

Other items of note that have been put out on the various nets (in chronological order):

Sat March 19, 2016 – O’Niantic 5K. Ham operators needed. If you can help out please contact Bill W1GTT at [his callsign]@aol.com

Sat April 16, 2016 @ 9AM – RASON Auction in Gales Ferry, CT at the fire house. More information to follow.

Sat April 23, 2016 9AM-5PM – Eyesight Express (c/o Norwich Lions Club). Operators needed, contact Kevin KA6PDG for more information.

Sat May 14, 2016 @ 11AM – SKYWARN Class in Salem, CT.
Registration is required, click here.
Salem Town Hall
270 Hartford Road
Salem, CT 06420
For more information, please contact KB1QFW or N1DWM.


Repeater Updates

Today I received an e-mail from Harrison (W1HAF) regarding the SCRAMS repeaters and wanted to share the information.

For your viewing pleasure, pictures of the 97 repeater antenna (and the 5Ghz panel pointed at it, likely causing the interference) have been posted to the SCRAMS Fargo Road Repeater photo album. The two latest pics are:



Also, Harrison is working on getting an appointment with Groton to install an isolator on the 67 machine, along with making a few adjustments, to hopefully bring it back online.