As the wonderful season of Spring seems to hide from us, here are some quick ham radio updates/reminders:

RASON AUCTION – Still scheduled for April 21, 2018. Check out the RASON Website for more info.

TECH CLASS – A very successful Technician class in Ledyard has concluded. Congratulations to the new Techs (and some Generals)! Hope to hear you on the air soon!

GROTON REPEATER – Work is being done at SCRAMS’ Groton repeater site by a GFA contractor to identify and eliminate interference. One part of this process has required them to turn off the CAT controller. What this means is that the repeater may sound and act a bit different. For example there is no output tone anymore. If you use Tone Squelch (tone on input and output) you will have to switch to tone only on input or the repeater will sound very quiet to you.

RESOURCES – Do not forget to check out the W1OEM ARES Region 4 Calendar and the CT ARES Discussion List

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