As the weather begins to cool down….. *cough*….. I said COOL DOWN……. AHEM…..

Well anyways here are some quick updates:

#1 Work is going to be done on the Waterford repeater so keep the Groton repeater on your mind if you dont hear us!

#2 There is a Technician class scheduled for this fall.

Wednesdays, Sept 12- Nov 14 (~10 weeks)
6-9 pm @ Groton Senior Center
Age: 14 and older

#3 Tri-City Auction is also coming up fast:

Saturday, October 27 2018. More details to follow!

#4 If you like food do not forget about the Traffic Handlers Breakfast

Saturday, September 1 at 10 AM

Paradise Pizza in New Brittain, CT

Please let Mike (W1MCT) know if you are attending.


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